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Are business membership’s deductible?

23rd January 2023
You are planning to join a local business association to help with networking and promotion. This includes access to a monthly dinner with a guest speaker. Does the business entertainment aspect affect the tax deductibility?  Kenny Logan from our Edinburgh office discusses. Quite often, business organisation meetings are also social occasions where food and drinks...

Avoiding the Gift Aid tax trap

21st March 2021
You recently saw a press article about tax and Gift Aid donations, it said that people who donate to charity and whose income has been hit by coronavirus can face unexpected tax bills. Are you at risk of this? Helen Johnstone provides the answer. As you probably know, under the Gift Aid scheme charities and...

Home offices and tax

9th November 2020
Whilst workplaces continue to be closed for an extended period, more and more people decided to create a dedicated workspace at home. HMRC is now targeting these spaces – how can you avoid a tax bill?  Tax Expert Brona MacDougall advises. As offices closed across the country back in March, working from home has became...
Taking salary again, Business Management

Taking salary again?

10th August 2020
Because of the pandemic, you have not drawn salary from your company for the last three months because its income was significantly reduced. The situation is now improving and you’re restarting your salary next month but is it worth paying yourself the arrears? Bob Johnstone looks at the implications. If you are one of the...

Tax breaks for holiday lets

30th September 2019
Last tax year you started letting a property as a holiday let. The trouble is that to qualify for the special tax breaks it must be let for 105 days in the tax year and you didn’t reach this figure. Is there a way around this rule? Brona MacDougall takes a closer look. You may...

Is your van a car?

3rd June 2019
As well as the more obvious practical differences, the difference between a company van and a company car also has an impact on your tax bill. But in March 2019 the Upper Tribunal upheld two differing decisions over ‘combi’ vans provided to employees for private use. Kevin Crowford discusses the tax implications and brings you...


13th March 2018
As an employer, you’ll be aware of the increasing number of obligations when employing and looking after your staff.  But this also has an impact on employing casual workers too, Kevin Ferguson looks at the Tax do’s and don’ts of employing casual workers. You will probably know from experience that these days employers must not...


26th November 2014
By Kevin D. Ferguson BA CA, Partner , JRW Chartered Accountants There is no absolutely no doubt that cycling has enjoyed a boom in recent years with the amazing success of British cyclists in the Tour de France and the 2012 Olympics really capturing the public’s imagination in the sport.  Sir Bradley Wiggins, Laura Trott,...