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Impacts of the Mini-Budget – updated

3rd October 2022
Following on from last weeks blog, the pressure of public opinion, the IMF, the financial markets, and other Conservative MP’s has led to Kwasi Kwarteng doing a sharp U-turn in respect of the abolition of the 45% additional rate of tax. Although the remaining budget still favours the wealthy more than the average taxpayer, the...

Impacts of the Mini-Budget

26th September 2022
I was going to start this article with a joke about the ‘trickle-down’ economy, but 99% of people wouldn’t get it…… Trickle down economics was known in the latter part of the nineteenth century as ‘horse and sparrow economics’. The theory being that if you fed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to...

The Spring Budget and its Relevance to Scotland

29th March 2022
Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement last week provided some good news for taxpayers but hasn’t been as well received as his previous giveaways. The highlights are: • 5p per litre cut in fuel duty • An increase in the NIC primary threshold and lower earnings limit from £9,570 to £12,570 • Class II NI liabilities reduced...
JRW Budget Summary Document March 2020

Budget Summary March 2020

12th March 2020
Following yesterday’s announcements we have attached our Budget Summary Document which is downloadable in pdf format JRW Budget 2020. If you would prefer a printed copy please just let us know and we will send it to you directly. We will, of course, be happy to discuss with you any of the points covered in...