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Planning for retirement – tax efficiently 

3rd September 2021
There are not many areas of tax planning where one can say that something is a ‘no-brainer’, but utilising pensions planning wherever possible is one.  Tax and Succession Planning expert Brona MacDougall advises. Income tax savings The saving that most people obtain from contributing to a pension is income tax relief. A basic rate taxpayer...

Pension tax break?

22nd October 2018
After deferring your state pension for a few years you have decided that it’s now time to take it. You have the option of a higher pension or a lump sum. The latter offers the chance of some tax planning but what’s involved? Kevin Ferguson advises. Deferred state pension As you may know, the government...


11th January 2016
By Julie Robertson BA FCCA, JRW Chartered Accountants As we start a new year, this is often a time for reflection and making fresh starts. But if you have ambitions that go way beyond renewing your gym membership then this article might be of real interest to you. If you have always dreamt of starting...