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Is a home charging point tax exempt?

14th June 2021
Your company is paying for an electric charging point to be fitted at your home. Both you and your partner will use it as you each have electric cars. But will this count as a taxable benefit in kind and what are the tax consequences if you sell your home? Joanne Gibson advises. The tax...

What’s new with company cars in 2020

22nd November 2019
If you have use of a company car for private travel you’ll have to pay tax for the privilege. Plus, there’s a further tax bill if the business pays for your fuel for private journeys. What’s changing with these tax charges in April 2020? Brona MacDougall finds out. Cars and car fuel Company cars are...

Changing landscape for company cars

20th February 2019
With a new tax regime being introduced on company cars and a changing landscape between petrol, diesel and electric vehicles to consider, Alister Biggar looks at the implications for business users. A staggering 55% of new cars registered in the UK go to the fleet market, and even though the landscape is changing between diesel,...