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A wealth of experience

Choosing the right accountant is an important decision, that’s why we’d like to introduce ourselves to you as a firm that is more than qualified to handle all of your accountancy and taxation needs.

We have a wealth of experience and quite literally work with every size and type of business. As one of the largest accountancy firms in the South of Scotland with a successful expansion into Edinburgh, we have been advising private individuals and businesses alike for many, many years.

When you choose JRW Hogg & Thorburn, you know that you are in very good hands.


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New law on tipping
13th May 2024
Tips, service charges or gratuities, whatever they are called, tipping is becoming more and more commonplace in the UK. With that, questions over where those tips actually go have been...
Tax relief for home broadband?
2nd May 2024
You have agreed to reimburse part of an employee’s broadband bill for when they work from home. HMRC’s guidance says that although this is a business expense, you must deduct...