Gail is certainly WorkingRite

May 17th 2021

We are proud to have such an amazing team at JRW and our specialists always try to go the extra mile for clients.

We recently received a lovely letter from one of our charity client’s WorkingRite to thank JRW for our accounting work, and in particular, to thank Gail Trojan for her commitment, support and professionalism. WorkingRite very much see Gail as part of their team and for us as a company, there could simply be no better compliment than that.

Here is an extract from CEO Dennis Murphy along with a little background about the important work that WorkingRite do to tackle youth unemployment and to give young people that vital chance. Do take a look at the website if you can.

And of course, well done and thanks to Gail for making such a valuable contribution to the charity.

“The Trustees would like to acknowledge their appreciation of the outstanding support of Gail Trojan in her work to review the finances and taking into account her understanding of the charity’s complex operations. Alison and I in particular, value her input and explanation in all matters pertaining to management and end of year accounts and projections.

Gail is very much seen as one of the team and her willingness to assist in aspects outwith the monthly management accounts requirement is vital to the efficient financial running of the charity.

She is very much the ‘unsung hero’ in many ways – but has been crucial in supporting Alison and the charity when we transitioned away from having a full time Accountant in post. In actual fact, the relationship and coordinated working between finance, operations and fundraising has significantly improved since she came on board. The culmination of these has seen us in the strongest position ever in our history to forecast and project future years”.
Dennis Murphy
Chief Executive Officer

WorkingRite is a successful and sustainable solution to youth unemployment. It is borne from old-fashioned values, whereby young people experience a working rite of passage to help take them from adolescence to adulthood. We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to prove themselves in the workplace, regardless of their age, inexperience or qualifications.

We give young people that chance.

Across Scotland, our local Project Co-ordinators individually match a young person to a small business in their local community, where they learn valuable skills on-the-job, where it counts. Our ‘trainees’ work with their work placement provider for up to six months during which they are guided by an older mentor in the workplace and supported by our Project Co-ordinator. When eligible, they also receive a weekly training allowance and we cover their travel expenses.

Our programme bridges the gap between school and work. It gives young people essential work experience, provides good role models, builds their confidence and offers them a quality vocational alternative to academic learning.

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