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VAT and personalised number plates

3rd July 2024
You’ve purchased an expensive personalised number plate which included VAT.  A business associate has told you that because the registration number has a connection with the business, you can reclaim the VAT.  Are they correct?  Bruce Currie takes a closer look below. VAT claim allowed Unlike VAT paid on the purchase of cars, there’s no...
Leasing a car

What are the VAT pros and cons of leasing cars?

28th May 2024
You are considering leasing instead of purchasing cars for your business. This will improve cash flow and, according to the salesperson, allow you to reclaim VAT that you would not otherwise be entitled to. Is this correct?  Naomi Swan explains the rules. Generally, VAT paid on the purchase of cars for use in your business...

Vouchers and VAT

24th April 2024
Your business sells vouchers to customers that can be redeemed against goods or services that you sell in the future. But how should you account for VAT on these vouchers?  Naomi Swan provides the answer. What is a voucher? Many vouchers issued by your business will be electronic rather than in paper format. This is...

Is your grant income subject to VAT?

4th March 2024
Your charity has received a grant to help it to fund specific projects and you are worried that the strict conditions imposed will make it subject to VAT. Is this the case and what checks can you make to ensure there are no problems?  Gail Trojan provides the answers. Status of grant provider The first...
tree planting, charity donation

Is VAT payable on charity donations?

5th January 2024
A trustee of an environmental charity has launched a fundraising appeal to ask for donations from supporters. One tree will be planted in a city centre for each £20 donation. Are the donations subject to VAT as a supply of services?  Naomi Swan explains in this article. What is a donation? VAT is not payable...

Second hand goods and a VAT margin scheme

31st October 2023
The rules of VAT are fairly simple. You can reclaim VAT you pay on goods or services you buy for your business and charge your customer VAT when you sell them. But how should you handle VAT where you buy or sell second-hand goods? VAT expert John Craig explains. You may have heard of VAT...

Can you claim VAT on invoices in own name?

7th September 2023
It’s common for directors and employees to buy things for the company in their own name or to use their personal Amazon account for convenience. The problem is that the invoice is then addressed to them and not the company. Can you claim the VAT back?  VAT Expert John Craig provides the answer. The key...

New payment option for VAT

4th September 2023
If a business can’t pay the VAT it owes on time, a new time-to-pay option could provide some breathing space. Who can take advantage and how can it be applied for?  Naomi Swan explains. If a business cannot pay its VAT on time and owes less than £20,000, it is now possible to set up...

Increase your VAT recovery on road fuel costs

30th March 2023
If your business pays for road fuel, it can recover the VAT element relating to business use. There are different methods for working out the amount reclaimable. Which is the best for your business? Our VAT expert John Craig outlines some options in this article. VAT incurred on the cost of road fuel used by...

December Q&A

6th December 2022
Is there a new workplace pension scheme? Q. We’ve heard that employers are now able to enrol their employees into a different type of workplace pension scheme. Is this correct? A. Previously, employers were only able to offer their employees defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit pension schemes. However, following changes brought about by the...