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Construction industry scheme – what’s the latest?

11th March 2024
In a move to prevent or at least reduce tax avoidance, changes to the construction industry scheme (CIS) rules takes effect from April 2024. As a contractor or subcontractor in the industry, what do you need to know?  Naomi Swan provides an update in this article. The main aim of the construction industry scheme (CIS)...

Dilapidated property – repair or improvement?

5th May 2022
If you are carrying out repairs to a dilapidated property, this may be treated as capital expenditure rather than revenue expenditure. Brona MacDougall explains the position regarding tax relief. Buying a property and doing it up for letting out can make good financial sense, however, repairs and renovations are expensive, so it is important to...
You are buying properties. But is this trade or investment

You are buying properties. But is this trade or investment?

4th February 2022
It is your intention to start buying and renovating residential properties, before selling them and reinvesting the proceeds. But should you operate this through a limited company? And what key issues should you be addressing from the outset?  Helen Johnstone discusses in more detail below. The first thing to do is to consider whether you...

VAT Reverse Charge

10th February 2021
New VAT rules for construction In this attached guide we look at the ‘Domestic Reverse Charge’ (DRC) that applies for VAT on construction services from 1 March 2021. This was announced in a consultation in early 2018, with the intention that it should be introduced on 1 October 2019. It was delayed for a year...
Builders reverse charge delayed again

Builders reverse charge delayed again

10th August 2020
To help builders affected by the Coronavirus crisis, the new reverse charge rules for the construction industry has been pushed back to the 1st March 2021. What does the delay mean for your business? Elaine Wight finds out. HMRC has recognised that builders are already under enormous pressure as a result of the Coronavirus crisis....

October Q&A

1st October 2019
Is hiring golf clubs to a non-resident taxable? Q. We hire golf clubs to private individuals. A customer came into our shop last week and insisted that the fee for hiring a set of golf clubs for a week should not be subject to VAT because he is a US resident. He produced evidence of...

How to claim the new Structures and Buildings Allowance

26th September 2019
HMRC has recently published new guidance on the Structures and Buildings Allowance (SBA) following changes to the rules. This includes important information about how to claim it. What’s involved? John Craig discusses below. The 2018 Budget announced that businesses would be entitled to a new tax relief, the Structures and Buildings Allowance (SBA) would apply...

VAT: deferral of new reverse charge for the construction industry

17th September 2019
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL BUSINESSES REGISTERED FOR VAT IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY The date on which the new reverse charge was to come into force in the construction industry has been deferred by a year until 1 October 2020. Explanation of the change Industry representatives have raised concerns that some businesses in the construction sector...

Structures and Buildings Allowance

1st July 2019
After some delay HMRC have now published the draft rules for consultation on Structures and Buildings Allowance and in this article we update you with some of the details. This change, announced in the 2018 Budget, provides for capital allowances for expenditure incurred on or after 29th October 2018 on the construction of a building...

Are you ready for the new Reverse Charge?

31st May 2019
If you are a businesses involved in the supply of construction services, from 1st October 2019, you will need to change how you account for VAT. This is when the Construction Services Domestic Reverse Charge (CSDRC) is introduced, VAT expert John Craig takes a closer look. If you are a supplier making a supply of...