August 1st 2017

When it comes to Auto Enrolment, there are duties that all new employers will have to comply with from the 1st October 2017, in an update to his original article on the topic, Alan Simpson takes a closer look at this development.

Alan Simpson, Associate, JRW Chartered Accountants
Alan Simpson, Associate, JRW Chartered Accountants

If you are a new employer, there are tasks that you must complete in order to comply with your Automatic Enrolment legal duties, as soon as you employ your first member of staff.

If you become an employer for the first time on or after 1st October 2017, you will immediately have legal duties for your new member of staff. These duties apply from the first day the first member of staff started working for you and this is known as your duties start date.

You must comply with your duties straight away.

Getting started
If you are about to employ a worker for the first time, you need to take certain steps in preparation for taking on staff, such as determining whether you need to register as an employer with HMRC, or taking out liability insurance. Getting ready for Automatic Enrolment is also just one of these steps.

If you are a new employer after 1st October 2017, you won’t have a staging date, you can get started by telling the Pensions Regulator who your point of contact for Automatic Enrolment is.

As soon as your new member of staff begins employment, you should be ready to comply with your legal duties and you should make sure you know what you need to do to be ready when your duties start.

We can provide you with help and guidance relating to the tasks that you will need to complete in order that you comply with these duties. For more information about Auto Enrolment, do read Alan Simpson’s original article.

What is Auto Enrolment?
The biggest change to have happened to workplace pensions in generations.

Alan Simpson, Associate, JRW Chartered Accountants

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