July 2024

News Posted

The trading allowance explained

5th July 2024
If you earn a little income on the side, the trading allowance can exempt it from tax or reduce the amount payable. What types of income does it apply to and how does it work?  Kirsten Hancock explains in this article. In 2017, the government announced two completely new allowances out of the blue: the...

VAT and personalised number plates

3rd July 2024
You’ve purchased an expensive personalised number plate which included VAT.  A business associate has told you that because the registration number has a connection with the business, you can reclaim the VAT.  Are they correct?  Bruce Currie takes a closer look below. VAT claim allowed Unlike VAT paid on the purchase of cars, there’s no...

An update on home to work travel

2nd July 2024
HMRC has changed its guidance on home to work travel costs where an employee’s home is their workplace. How might this affect your right to tax relief? Naomi Swan brings you a detailed update. Tax experts have been saying for years that HMRC’s guidance on tax relief for travel costs needed updating to cover the...