May 2024

News Posted

We are Recruiting

31st May 2024
JRW Hogg & Thorburn are Recruiting – Due to our expanding business JRW Hogg & Thorburn are currently looking to recruit across various levels and specialities at the firm. As one of the largest accountancy firms in the South of Scotland, JRW Hogg & Thorburn have a team of accountancy and taxation specialists with a...

Pensions for seasonal staff?

28th May 2024
According to The Pensions Regulator, there are employers who take on seasonal or other temporary workers who are not following the workplace pension rules correctly. If you hire short-term workers, what steps should you be taking?  Pamela Singh advises. Summer is of course a peak time for taking on seasonal staff. One thing you should...
Leasing a car

What are the VAT pros and cons of leasing cars?

28th May 2024
You are considering leasing instead of purchasing cars for your business. This will improve cash flow and, according to the salesperson, allow you to reclaim VAT that you would not otherwise be entitled to. Is this correct?  Naomi Swan explains the rules. Generally, VAT paid on the purchase of cars for use in your business...

What’s changed with the VAT registration limit?

24th May 2024
Although the Chancellor announced an increase to the VAT registration limit in the Spring Budget 2024, it was fairly modest. As a service business if your turnover exceeds the new limit, can you legitimately avoid having to register?  Associate Jayne Rogerson discusses the implications. Until 1 April 2024, the VAT registration turnover threshold had been...

New law on tipping

13th May 2024
Tips, service charges or gratuities, whatever they are called, tipping is becoming more and more commonplace in the UK. With that, questions over where those tips actually go have been asked and there is no clear answer, but that won’t be the case for much longer. A new law and statutory Code of Practice on...

Tax relief for home broadband?

2nd May 2024
You have agreed to reimburse part of an employee’s broadband bill for when they work from home. HMRC’s guidance says that although this is a business expense, you must deduct PAYE tax and NI from anything you pay. Why is this and can it be avoided?  Audrey Rankine advises. Generally, employers can reimburse or pay...

Overseas business trip with the family – is it taxable?

1st May 2024
You are making an overseas trip for business and have decided to take your husband and two children, so they can holiday while you are working. The question is, can you put the expense through the company and if so, are there any tax considerations?  Kirsten Hancock looks at the implications. The answer to the...