March 2024

News Posted

Electronic or paper invoices?

12th March 2024
You have recently switched to electronic invoicing. However, some customers are insisting on paper invoices. Must you comply with these requests?  Elaine Wight answers this question below. While the design and layout of your business invoices is up to you, there are government regulations that require you to include certain information about your business and...

Construction industry scheme – what’s the latest?

11th March 2024
In a move to prevent or at least reduce tax avoidance, changes to the construction industry scheme (CIS) rules takes effect from April 2024. As a contractor or subcontractor in the industry, what do you need to know?  Naomi Swan provides an update in this article. The main aim of the construction industry scheme (CIS)...

To lease or buy?

5th March 2024
Your business is growing and you are considering whether the company should lease or buy new premises. What factors do you need to take into account before making a decision?  Associate Kenny Logan from our Edinburgh office discusses the options in this article. Leasing There are several reasons why it could make more sense for...

Is your grant income subject to VAT?

4th March 2024
Your charity has received a grant to help it to fund specific projects and you are worried that the strict conditions imposed will make it subject to VAT. Is this the case and what checks can you make to ensure there are no problems?  Gail Trojan provides the answers. Status of grant provider The first...

Company v bank loans?

1st March 2024
If you need a loan and your company has available cash, is it more tax efficient to borrow from it instead of your bank?  Kenny Logan from our Edinburgh office discusses below. Borrowing interest free cash from your company (that it doesn’t have to borrow to lend to you), instead of via a bank loan...