June 2023

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Q&A – July 2023

26th June 2023
Can services be zero-rated? Q. We have decided to build a bungalow next to our farmhouse so that my partners elderly mother can live in it and be close to us. We have obtained planning permission for the project and have appointed a builder to start the work. The builder will supply labour and materials....
Pool car

Are pool cars considered a perk?

26th June 2023
Much is made of the tax savings that can be achieved by convincing HMRC that a car or van used by employees for work is a pool vehicle. But even if a pool car is not used for any private journeys, there are still plenty of hoops to jump through. Naomi Swan looks at this...

Saving VAT on property conversion costs

22nd June 2023
Susan owns an unoccupied commercial property. She plans to convert it into two flats on the upper floors and a retail unit on the ground floor, which she’ll let. How much of the VAT paid on the conversion costs can she reclaim? VAT Expert John Craig explains. There is good news, even though Susan is...

Tax return requirement rises to £150k

21st June 2023
To limit the number of self-assessment (SA) returns HMRC has to process it has changed the criteria for when one is required. If HMRC removes you from SA as a result, should you agree with this? Head of Tax Christiaan Hansen discusses. For 2023/24 and later tax years the self-assessment (SA) income threshold at which...

Key changes for new tax year

2nd June 2023
The 2023/24 tax year is of course now underway and there have been several changes which may affect you.   Head of Tax, Christiaan Hansen provides an overview of the key points, along with our recommendations and advice. Income tax The rates of income tax haven’t been increased; however, the threshold for paying the additional...

What earnings are subject to AEOs?

2nd June 2023
You’ve received an attachment of earnings order (AEO) instructing you to deduct payments of an outstanding debt from one of your employee’s pay. You’ve heard that not all earnings are “attachable” so what earnings does it apply to? Natasha Crockatt from our Payroll department advices below. An attachment of earnings order (AEO) is an official...