April 2023

News Posted

Business mileage payments for bikes

28th April 2023
You have employees who make local deliveries using bikes rather than cars where feasible. Can you still make payments for the business mileage tax free? Naomi Swan CA, based in our Hawick office, discusses below. The tax position will depend on whether the couriers are employees or self-employed. Of course, with HMRC’s increased enforcement action...

Don’t forget P60s

25th April 2023
P60s are important documents used to summarise an employee’s tax information at the end of the tax year. But what is the deadline for issuing P60s and who needs to receive one?  Natasha Crockatt, from our Payroll department advises. A P60 is an important document that provides a formal statement of an employee’s pay, tax, NI and...

Staff entertainment. What should you be reporting?

3rd April 2023
You occasionally provide entertainment to your employees. How do you ensure that you correctly report anything that is taxable, and how can you take advantage of any exemptions to minimise the liability. Naomi Swan provides the answer below. Staff entertainment for benefit in kind (BiK) purposes is prone to errors. Many businesses under-report it. This...